Pain Management with Endovascular WA

Dr Sanjay Nadkarni and the Team at Endovascular WA use the latest in image guiding technology to deliver precise pain relief to chronic sufferers.  The cause of chronic pain can be very hard to diagnose which is why careful assessment from a qualified and experienced Pain Management Specialist is vital in creating an effective pain relief and treatment plan.  With over 20 years experience in pain management and chronic pain management you’re in good hands with Dr Nadkarni and the team at Endovascular WA.

Endovascular WA offers pain relief treatments for arthritis, sports injuries, podiatric ailments, severe and chronic back pain and neck pain.

Endovascular offers pain management plans for both public and private chronic pain sufferers.

Within our Churchill Avenue Subiaco clinic we have the latest in ultrasound and fluoroscopic imaging technology and Dr Nadkarni also carries out pain management clinics at the Mount Hospital.

With a referral from your GP a rebate is offered on your consultation and your treatments.

Some of the treatments offered include;


Endovascular WA pain relief

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If you require further information on any of our pain management treatments please do not hesitate to contact our Subiaco rooms on (08) 9284 2900.