Q. What are varicose veins?
A.Tortuous dilated veins in the legs protruding above the skin surface.
Q. What are reticular veins?
A. Much smaller blue dilated veins below the skin surface.
Q. What are spider veins?
A. Spider veins, flares or telangiectases are the same thing – they are very fine blue/red lines blemishing the skin.
Q. What is a saphenous vein?
A. The long and short saphenous veins are the major veins on the surface of the leg.
Q. Which veins carry most of the blood flow?
A. approximately 80% of blood flow comes up the deep veins which are usually not affected by disease. The surface veins are all expendable.
Q. What is sclerotherapy?
A. it is an injection of a foam fluid sclerosant solution into the veins to make them shrivel away.
Q. Will treatment cure the varicose veins?
A. Even with the best treatment, there is about a chance  of recurrence. We provide ongoing follow up for life including clinic visits and ultrasounds. This provides early detection of any recurrence.
Q. What do I need to do prior to treatment?

Prior to a procedure for the treatment of varicose veins, patients are required to complete the following

  1. Ensure you have ordered and received your compression stockings
  2. Ensure you have someone to take you to and from the clinic on the day of your procedure (they can even stay with you through the whole procedure)
  3. Make sure you have returned your signed information to our Patients’ Service team at reception
  4. Have a shower on the morning of your procedure
  5. Wear comfortable loose clothing