Patients having their treatment and procedures performed by Endovascular WA’s skilled medical team can be assured of the following benefits

Benefits to patients

  • Endovascular WA’s procedures are minimally invasive
  • Patients have less down time and are able to get back to work and family care, in most cases within the day
  • Effective pain relief for severe conditions such as back pain and arthritis
  • Our skilled staff use the latest in techniques that result in minimal scarring
  • In most cases there are no hospital stays and fees and only local anesthetics are required

Patient Preparation

On the day of your appointment, our friendly Patients’ Service team will be there to assist you. We request that you bring the following on your first visit

1.   Referral from the medical professional, specialists supervising your inital care

2.   Medicare card, health insurance details, pension card, DVA card if applicable

3.   List of all over the counter and prescribed medications you are currently taking

4.   Any scans or diagnostic images pertaining to your condition