A vascular line insertion involves the insertion of a flexible thin plastic tube, into a blood vessel to provide a painless way of drawing blood or delivering drugs and nutrients into a patient’s bloodstream over a period of weeks, months or even years. Endovascular WA provides patients with vascular line insertions. A vascular access is an area in which ultrasound guidance is commonly used. An example of this is the central venous line, also referred to as a Hickman line

A simple intravenous (IV) line is effective for short-term use, but is not suitable for long-term use. When an IV line is necessary for a longer period of time a special catheter is placed inside a major blood vessel either temporarily (days) or long-term (weeks to years) so that it can be easily and repeatedly accessed over a desired period of time.

At Endovascular WA, the vascular access procedure is performed by our skilled interventional radiologist. The special catheter is inserted inside a major vein  –  generally in one of the large veins in the neck or in the arm – extending into the large central vein near the heart. The vascular line insertion is a relatively simple procedure, lasting up to an hour and requiring only light sedation and local anaesthetic. Ultrasound is used to ensure the catheter is inserted in the right vein, and to prevent complications such as puncturing the lungs (pneumothorax) or an artery.