Q. Does the ultrasound hurt?
A. No the ultrasound is completely painless and comfortable.

Q. Can an ultrasound cause any other damage
A. No harmful effects from diagnostic ultrasound have ever been reported.

Q. Who will perform the ultrasound?
A. A Sonographer will perform your ultrasound. Our Sonographers are extremely well trained to assess any vascular disease.

Q. How long does an Ultrasound exam take?
A. On average, 30-45 minutes. It may be quicker for some areas.

Q. What position will I be in?
A. You will generally be lying down or sitting.

Q. Is there any special preparation?
A. Generally no. If you are having an examination of the vessels in your abdomen then you will need to fast for all but clear fluids for 4 hours prior to your scan. Our friendly team will further advise you upon booking.

Q. Are there any restrictions afterwards?
A.There are no restrictions following the ultrasound, you can return to work and normal duties straight away.