Adelaide suffered from chronic pelvic pain for years after her pregnancies.  After many GP and Specialist visits, Adelaide still had no answers as to what was causing her chronic pain.  It was even suggested that Adelaide look at a mental health care plan.  Deciding to take matters into her own hands Adelaide took to the internet to conduct her own research, stumbling across Dr Sanjay Nadkarni’s website

Adelaide finally had the answer to her chronic pain that she had been looking for.

Dr Sanjay Nadkarni was able to diagnose and treat Adelaide’s condition and restore her quality of life.

It took two minimally invasive procedures and Dr Sanjay Nadkarni interviewed Adelaide pre- operation and post operation for each procedure.  We will be posting these in a series of blogs.

If you are suffering chronic pelvic pain, you are not alone.  This condition is extremely common in women post pregnancy.  Get a referral from your GP to see Dr Sanjay Nadkarni.


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